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Boeing Employees

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The Employees Community Fund (ECF) of The Boeing Company in ABQ, NM!

When most people think of Boeing they think of Washington State and hardly give a thought to a Boeing presence in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Felix Pantry is very aware of its presence locally and has come to enjoy a wonderful relationship with the employees of Boeing. Over the years Boeing employees have donated grant funding to the Pantry and today delivered over 200 pounds of non- perishable food items that was almost immediately distributed to nearly 200 families.

We simply cannot thank our friends at Boeing enough for their generosity. Several months ago I was given the opportunity to speak before the entire local Boeing plant and tell them all about a man named Felix. Initially it felt awkward to talk to a room full of engineers in corporate America about a Felician-Sponsored ministry. However, I impressed upon everyone in attendance that in many respects Felix was like many of them, just wanting to make a difference and respond to the needs of the hungry and those most vulnerable.

Boeing employee advisory boards work to locally distribute combined employee donations, which are made through recurring payroll deductions or one-time gifts, to nonprofits in their community. Boeing pays all administrative costs so that 100 percent of every employee dollar helps to strengthen the local communities.

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