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New St. Felix Pantry Mobile Food Pantry will deliver food to underserved communities throughout Sandoval County

Can you imagine that the closest place to you for buying food is more than fifty miles away? This is a dilemma faced by many people who live in the most rural areas of Sandoval County. From a Pantry perspective, these places are known as a food desert and the people who live in them often are food insecure. This condition exists when people lack sustainable physical or economic access to enough safe, nutritious, and socially acceptable food for a healthy and productive life.  

Starting in January, 2018 St. Felix Pantry will offer mobile food pantry services throughout all five regions of Sandoval County and target underserved residents. This new and exciting endeavor is being made possible thanks to a grant from Sandoval County.

Without a doubt, a mobile pantry will increase access to food, especially low/moderate/and extremely low-income households. A targeted strategy will enlist the help of organizations and churches located in or near these food deserts. A St. Felix mobile Pantry will operate a food distribution outlet once weekly (Monday) from the Sandoval County Community Centers and other participating partners. Also, because the truck is refrigerated, nutritious yet perishable produce and proteins can be more easily distributed without spoiling.

St. Felix Pantry recognizes the vital role it can play in developing community wellness. We will look forward to working in conjunction with the Sandoval County and to becoming a key player in helping to make Sandoval County a healthier place for all to live.

A partnership with Sandoval County Community makes sense. St. Felix Pantry will welcome a working partnership with the Community Services Division to partner with their health outreach services. In fact, we will invite them to join us when they are able to at our established mobile food pantry distribution sites.  There they can set up an information booth and engage mobile pantry guests who are accessing food through the mobile pantry on a number of health related topics. We strongly believe that this type of partnership will only add value for guests who will visit the mobile food pantry site.

St. Felix Pantry strongly believes that a partnership with Sandoval County, representatives from participating agencies, local farmers and grocers will yield a successful program and will have a tremendous positive impact on hunger in Sandoval County, particularly in its food deserts. This newly formed initiative will deliver quality and exceptional care and service throughout Sandoval County through its mobile food pantry for years to come.

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