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Friends of Felix

April 1st, 2017 | kirsten

Friends of Felix


St. Felix Pantry is a nonprofit charitable organization incorporated in 1992. For well over twenty years, the Pantry has been a safety net for people struggling to support their families in times of crisis. We provide, free of charge, food, clothing, household items and referral services.  But people served by the Pantry need more than food, clothing, and household items; they need respect for their dignity, compassion for their suffering, hope for their children, and a place that welcomes and empowers them for their journey. These are the real gifts of the Pantry.

The need for these services has grown in relationship to the economic downturn: loss of jobs, rise in food and fuel costs, and recent cutbacks in welfare and healthcare benefits. Weekly, the pantry provides food for 1000 individuals.

Below is how your friendship dollars will be spent:

1000.00 will help feed  333 families a year.

2000.00 will help feed  667 families a year.

3000.00 will help feed  1000 families a year.

4000.00 will help feed  1333 families a year.

5000.00 will help feed  1667 families a year.


Other Amount:_______________________

Contact Information: Manuel  Casias, Vice President of Development

 Cell: 505-270-1366

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