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National Sister’s Week

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Celebrating National Sister’s Week at St. Felix Pantry

One woman’s spark and her dream have produced one of Rio Rancho’s highly recognized institutions, St. Felix Pantry, Inc. Located on Barbara Loop, SE, the popular outreach center distributes food and clothing five days a week to all who come to its doors, plus it offers referral services and serves as one of Power New Mexico’ Good Neighbor Fund centers three days a week. The Mission of St. Felix Pantry, Inc. is restoring hope to those in need by providing food, clothing and referral services.

St. Felix Pantry was officially incorporated in 1992. The operation of feeding the needy quickly outgrew its convent quarters; and in 1995, the Felician Sisters purchased property on Barbara Loop, just off Highway 528, where, today, St. Felix Pantry, Inc. provides 1,071,452 meals yearly to its 6,910 registered clients.

Sister GenevieveSister Genevieve St. Felix Pantry retired in 2007 and was laid to rest in 2016. However, the fire to serve the needy continues and the Felician Sisters in Rio Rancho also continue to spread the love of God to everyone. Retired sisters continue to support the Pantry by bagging pinto beans and macaroni for distribution to the Pantry clients. Some will even volunteer at the pantry greeting clients and distributing food to those in need. Also, two Felician Sisters serve on the Pantry board.

On behalf of all St. Felix Pantry clients,

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