Stop and Smell the Flowers

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Stop and Smell the Flowers/Garden Dedication at the Pantry

A garden at St. Felix Pantry in Rio Rancho New Mexico has been dedicated in memory of Sr. M Claire Kehl and Sr. M Genevieve Ryskiewicz.

A beautifully designed sign, donated by volunteers of the Pantry with the names of Sr. Claire and Sr. Genevieve has been placed in the flower garden Just right in  front the Pantry’s entrance.

Sr. Claire and Sr. Genevieve both had a fondness for horticulture and were known for growing and enjoying all kinds of flowers and plants so we felt like a garden would be a great way to memorialize them.

This garden will be a place where we can remember both Sr. Claire and Sr. Genevieve and their dedication to St. Felix Pantry and to the Rio Rancho Community.

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