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St. Felix Pantry needs ‘green frogs’!

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When our Sisters gift one another with a few dollars on special occasions, we often thank one another for “the green frogs.”

With my membership on the St. Felix Pantry Board, I have become acutely aware of SPF’s day-to-day operational costs: the overhead expenses of utilities, insurance, fuel and maintenance for trucks, administrative costs, cleaning and endless repairs.
Like all households – domestic and corporate – we need to have resources ready for the next month’s expenses. The community of Rio Rancho and beyond has been very generous with in-kind donations of food and clothing, with toys and household supplies. We are grateful for corporate sponsorships of events and individual and family donations that have carried us thus far. We acclaim with full voice “Deo Gratias!” – “Thanks be to God.” The Sisters and I pray that your caring generosity which helps St. Felix Pantry serve the less fortunate come back to you with a bag of hundredfold blessings.
In these challenging economic times, the reality is that expenses are exceeding income. So we will begin to help you learn about what are some of the operating expenses. For example, our cost for utilities is almost $2,000 monthly. We need “lots of green frogs” every month to help us continue this needed social ministry in our community.
Please consider sharing some of your green frogs with us monthly. It is in the sharing that a bounty will emerge – enough for all to have sufficient. We all are a part of one another. When the needs of one family are met, our global family is strengthened with joy and hope.
Thank you in advance for your generous response.

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