Toys arrive by bike instead of by sleigh

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St. Felix Pantry received toys for Christmas in an unusual way this year.

Every year toys are given out to the parents of children at the Sister Claire’s Christmas Store. The toy store was named in Sister Claire’s honor because she was the person responsible for starting a toy drive for kids many years ago and then opening the store. All toys given to the parents for their children are free. This special holiday tradition will continue thanks to many friends of Felix including local bikers.

Even Santa Claus turned up at St. Felix Pantry in Rio Rancho, New Mexico with toys that will be distributed before Christmas to the children of Pantry guests. Only this year, the toys arrived by bike instead of by sleigh.  

“Bikers in Rio Rancho and all over Central New Mexico are in service. They go out of their way through the cold, whatever it might be or whatever they have to do to do that at this time of the year,” Sr. Mary Angela Parkins, President/CEO of St. Felix Pantry, said. “That’s what makes it so special.”

“Toys for Kids” was organized by Ray Jaramillo, Facility Manager at The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Convent in Rio Rancho, New Mexico. Ray simply called many of his friends and launched the inaugural “Toys for Kids” bike ride to benefit St. Felix Pantry.

The bikers started their journey at the Pantry.  “We made stops at some businesses to pick up the toys several bikers collected on their own,” Ray Jaramillo, event organizer, said. “And then we ended up at the Pantry.”

“We want the kids to watch out for motorcycles too, so we started this toy run. A lot of kids don’t get Christmas, so we want to help out,” Jaramillo said.    

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